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The organization of an individual establishment may be adopted to its specific needs: like a company limited by shares or a foundation, as an instrument for commercial objectives or for the administration of assets.

The establishment qualifying as private asset structure pays an annual tax of CHF 1’800 only.
Distributions to the beneficiaries as well as profits earned are not subject to any further tax.

The supreme authority is vested in the founder (holder of the founder’s rights) and is transferable.
The beneficial interests may be assigned to persons other than the holder (s) of the founder’s rights
The administration is taken care by the board of directors.
If commercial activities are pursued or the articles make provision for such activities an auditor must be appointed. In this case the annual accounts approved by the auditor must be submitted to the Liechtenstein tax administration.
In case of losses or liabilities only the assets of the establishment have to be used to cover them.

The minimum capital to constitute an establishment is CHF 30’000.