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The fees and costs involved with the constitution and administration of a Liechtenstein company or trust are approximately the following:
· For the constitution of a company/trust between CHF 5’000 and 6’000;
· The court fees (costs) coming along with the constitution depend on the kind of company, normally approx. CHF 600 – 1’300;
· For the local director/trustee of the company/trust an annual lump sum between CHF 5’000 and 6’000;
· For the legal representative in charge to accept services on behalf of the company an annual lump sum between CHF 500 and 600;
· Petty expenses.

While the fees for the director and legal representative are payable in advance and cover the acceptance of the respective position by the person or company retained, further services provided by the local director and his staff are charged by the time spent according to an hourly fee rate. The fee rate normally varies between CHF 100 for administrative work to CHF 500 for management and legal work and depends on the level of sophistication involved, the assets concerned as well as on what the parties have agreed.
All fees are subject to 7.7% VAT and are charged against the company/trust and may be deducted from the assets held by the same.